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MPT Phase SeparatorsCoalescence at profile surfaces


MPT Phase Separators entirely separate droplets of d > 10 µm (e. g. caused through mechanical effects or pumps) from a liquid-liquid dispersion. 
They can be used in the fields of process technology and waste water treatment.

MPT Phase Separators work without pressure loss and can be supplied with pressure vessels or rectangular vessels.
No energy and maintenance are required for the operation. In addition, they are available in a variety of materials.


Separation Principle:
The density difference guides the droplets to the profile surfaces which results in the droplet-droplet coalescence.
At defined profile areas droplets separate with a diameter of d > 1000 µm.

Layout MPT Phase Separator

We design according to our customers’ requirements with our calculation programs:

  • Type and number of modules
  • Materials of phase separation profiles
  • Distance and type of profiles.
Schematic Layout MPT Phase Separator
(without operating pressure)

Inlet Droplets MPT Phase Separator
Layout MPT Phase Separator
Schematic Design MPT Phase Separator (with operating pressure)
MPT Phase Separation Modules
Velocity in MPT Phase Separator   Velocity in MPT Phase Separator
Velocity for rectangular vessels   for pressure vessels Velocity