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PT Phase SeparatorsCoalescence at profile surfaces

PT Phase Separators separate fine droplets of d > 0,1 µm (e. g. caused through thermal effects) from a liquid-liquid dispersion down to the solubility limit.
This leads to improved efficiency of chemical processes and product quality of liquids.
Our PT Phase Separators can be used universally and offer low operating costs as well as low maintenance requirements..

Separation Principle:
The fine droplets are guided to the fiber when flowing through the microfiber bed. This results in droplet-droplet coalescence at the point of intersection of the fibers. The big droplets which have accumulated separate from the point of intersection from a characteristic dimension (d > 1000 µm) and flow out of the fiber bed.
Schema PT-Phasentrenner

We design according to our customers’ requirements with our calculation programs:

  • Type and number of elements
  • Materials of phase separation elements
  • Fiber material and diameter
  • Porosity of the fiber bed
  • Separator or demister stages (optional).
Schematic Layout PT Phase Separator  
Strömungsverlauf im PT-Phasentrenner
Flow direction and
source of the separated droplets
Phase separation stage

Eintrittstropfen PT-Phasentrenner

Geschwindigkeitsverlauf im Phasentrenner
high           low
Statischer Druck im PT Phasentrenner
Static pressure