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With FRANKEN Phase Separators droplets are separated from liquid-liquid dispersions through coalescence processes.
The improvement of the quality of liquids and the recycling of the separated dispersed phase lead to significant technial advantages at low investment costs, and low energy and operational expenses.


We offer different Phase Separator types for a multitude of diverse separation tasks:

PT Phase Separator 

Separation of fine droplets > 0,1 µm

CAD PT Phase Separator

(Settling time 2 - 240 h)*

CAD PT Phase Separator

MPT Phase Separator 

Separation of droplets > 10 µm

CAD MPT Phase Separator

(Settling time 5 - 120 min)*

CAD MPT Phase Separator

PTG Phase Separator 

Separation of droplets > 50 µm

CAD PTG Phase Separator

(Settling time < 300 s)*

CAD PTG Phase Separator


* 100 ml beaker