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Technology results from know-how. We therefore use big parts of our resources for application-oriented research efforts based on basic principles.
Moreover, we work project-specific and co-operate closely together with external research institutions and with development departments of our customers.
We want to know the detail to optimally improve the efficiency of our plants.



Our in-house pilot plant stations offer various options for the verification of research and simulation results and for experiments of our customers.

Mini-Plant   REM filter particle   CFD Velocity Distribution
for experiments PT Phase Separator
  REM Filter inlet   Velocity distribution
PT Phase Separator
Phase Separator Pilot Plant   Separation of droplets – microfiber   CFD Flow
Phase Separator - Pilot Plant
TUPS 200
Flow rate: 0,5 - 5,0 m3/h
  Separation of droplets in a microfiber bed   Flow through MPT phase separation profiles