Separation Solutions

We offer two main types of Phase Separators.

MPT Phase Separator

MPT Phase Separators are equipped with MPT profile rows, which accelerate the separation of droplets by providing shorter paths for sedimentation or ascent. This enables the separation of droplets > 25 µm and applications in which impurities are present. MPT Phase Separators are applicable for pressurized or unpressurized process conditions.

PT Phase Separator

PT Phase Separators are equipped with special phase separation elements using unique microfiber beds as coalescence media. This allows separation of droplets > 1 µm down to solubility level of dispersed phase in coherent phase. PT Phase Separators work under pressurized process conditions.
A wide range of materials for vessel and internals is available depending on process requirements. The suitable ranges of process conditions for PT and MPT Phase Separators are summarized in the table: